My Choice – UPS Mobile App

The UPS Mobile App was developed for mobile customers on the go. Users can track packages, ship packages, get quotes, find locations, and provide feedback to UPS all on their smartphone! The newest feature on the app is called My Choice – this allows consumers to get advanced alerts via email, SMS or push notifications giving […]


Myavana is a mobile application functioning as a social outlet for African American women to share their hair experiences and give advice on how to tackle hair issues. Users discover hairstyles, products, and stylists within a virtual community of girlfriends.


Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that makes great tasting cocktails that keep people happy and businesses profitable. Whether you are at home, in the hotel lobby, at an office happy hour or relaxing by the pool, you can skip the long line at the bar by ordering your drink on your phone. Monsieur […]


EquipCodes is a Customer Engagement Tool and Analytics Platform for manufacturers. EquipCodes is a mobile app experience where manufacturers put their products directly into their customers’ hands click over here. Customers scan equipment with the mobile device to unlock product tools. This allows manufacturers to give detailed descriptions and explanations on how to use their products and […]


Cooleaf is an engagement app that powers top workplaces by harnessing the technology of the iPhone. Leaders inside organizations can keep their teams updated on all events and activities happening inside the company. The app makes it simple for employees and members to see a list of upcoming company outings and register to attend. Whether […]


Woblet is a geo-targeted, time-sensitive, user-specific restaurant loyalty program. Woblet users earn reward points and great deals with every purchase. This application has partnered up with restaurants all over Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Athens, Ga. to give their customers a chance to spin the wheel and earn a discount. Restaurants see an average of 20% increase in revenue and customers […]

Rately by Digital Scientists

Rately is the first ever browser created especially for shoppers. Digital Scientists, a digital innovation firm in Atlanta, Georgia, creates digital apps and services for Fortune 500 clients. Rately is an in-house app that uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline mobile shopping and promote small retailers via social media. Digital Scientists is rolling out a free loyalty program […]

Village Defense Alerts

Neighborhood Watch 2.0 is here. Village Defense Alerts is a real-time crime alert system for your very own neighborhood. Using your precise location, this app sends notifications if criminal activity is happening nearby. Crime alerts can be reported or sent to you and your neighbors as text messages, phone calls, and emails to ensure everyone is […]