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There are only a handful of companies today that are deploying Casual Learning solutions to enterprise organizations. mLevel separates itself through 3 core areas: Missions, the Studio and the Analytic Suite.

For mLevel Missions, our SaaS platform deploys training content via desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Our application can be downloaded from a public or private company controlled app store. Each mission can be on any give topic. Within each mission, there are:

– Pre-built training games
– Interactive flash cards
– Video
– Group based Leaderboards
– Study lists

The mLevel Studio component is our administrative tool. This is where companies can create training missions on any topic, add videos, push to specific user groups and add rich images to support company branding or training needs. All of this is done from an intuitive Web based interface. Trainers can create missions on the topic of their choice, add locks and levels and dynamically create questions (part of our secret sauce) that will act as the training material.

While all of the above is important, it seems nothing can be given a true value without measurement. The Analytic Suite tracks everything from the amount of times a user has played a mission to what they got right or wrong, all with the ability to be exported into an LMS. On average, an employee plays the games in excess of twelve times. Motivated by wanting to be the best or by incentive. From this repetitious playing, they become masters of the content, and by mastering the content; they increase the value and benefits for their company.

While our product was first released only 18 months ago, we are already working with 11 out of the Fortune 100, have reached over 100,000 users and have been deployed on 3 continents in 4 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

To date, we know of no other SaaS platform quite like mLevel from a usability, performance and achievement perspective. We’re changing the way companies look at training, while bettering the employees in the process.

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