Monsieur is an artificially intelligent robotic bartender that makes great tasting cocktails that keep people happy and businesses profitable. Whether you are at home, in the hotel lobby, at an office happy hour or relaxing by the pool, you can skip the long line at the bar by ordering your drink on your phone.

Monsieur has a touchscreen user interface that is powered by Android and connected to a microcontroller that orchestrates thermoelectric coolers, peristaltic pumps, sensors, and other mechanical components to deliver precision mixology.

Monsieur puts your personal bartender in the palm of your hand. Using the app you can search nearby cocktail lists, drink descriptions, and personalized recommendations.
To promote responsible drinking, Monsieur sends alerts when your estimated blood alcohol level is high and even offers help getting a cab. Share your favorite drinks and recipes with your friends and family via social network integration.


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