SPLIT (payandsplit.com)

Split makes restaurant experiences more enjoyable for customers by increasing restaurant staff efficiencies and giving customers back their time with a seamless payment and ordering app.  Split has successfully reduced wait times at quick service restaurants (order before you sit restaurants), made table turn rates faster at full service restaurants, increased tips for waiters and […]

The Age of Turing

The Age of Turing is an interactive game experience that plays like a webseries, online scavenger hunt, and Augmented Reality game. The main topic explored in the game is a mystery revolving the first supercomputer that becomes consciously aware. We have a strong narrative with three main characters that engage directly with audiences across multiple […]

League of Mobile Apps

League Mobile Apps is where sports and mobile technology come to play. Our apps give players from amateur to pro the ability to rate their peers on the five fundamental skills of each given sport ( ratings are subjective to how players view one another’s skills ). Using geo-location; players can mark their favorite sporting […]

VRunway from ATLVR

The virtual reality head mounted display is placed on the users head and they are immersed into a fully 3-dimensional world that surrounds them. The user can look in any direction and the tracking allows them to feel like they are there. They appear sitting at the end of a fashion runway and models walk […]

VR Selfie from ATLVR

ATLvr created a program that is utilized to introduce people to virtual reality and its capabilities. The simulation is seated and occurs at first in an office. The user can examine shapes and the various features of basic virtual reality (including positional tracking). The simulation also guides users “through the wall” and into an outdoor […]


ZooKazam is a fun mobile app created to be educational, engaging and interactive while featuring a technological breakthrough that can promote brand enhancement. ZooKazam’s mission is to enhance our world by utilizing augmented reality technology to promote education and entertainment through a magical exploration of the animal kingdom. The ZooKazam visual and sensory experience is […]

Eboticon – “Say more than just :-)”

Eboticon LLC is a creative design and entertainment media company formed to develop mobile applications, video games and character design/animation. Eboticon LLC is responsible for the Eboticon mobile application, offering urban and popular culture inspired animated gifs for text, e-mail and social media communications. Eboticon LLC formed in Atlanta GA in 2013 and launched the […]

TabAccess – A Bluetooth Switch Interface

TabAccess, bluetooth switch interface, makes it possible for anyone with motor limitations to use Apps and play games on an Android tablet or iPad without touching the screen. Over 3 million individuals in the US have a disability in their hands and/or forearms and thus have difficulties in effecting pinch and swipe gestures needed for tablet […]