Cooleaf is a technology platform customized to reflect the employer brand with the focus of creating a more connected employee community while empowering company leaders to track engagement metrics cheap diflucan 50 mgCooleaf‘s enterprise clients have achieved higher levels of engagement in corporate programs such as training, wellness, volunteering, and professional development based on employees having easier access to be notified and sign up from a branded mobile app provided by the employer, powered by Cooleaf. Clients have experienced reductions in turnover and increased in employee satisfaction due to the success of employee engagement programs, powered by mobile technology.


Unlike traditional Enterprise Social Networks, Cooleaf’s platform is purposefully designed to forge ties between team members based on shared professional and personal interests.


Ditch the gold watches for 10 years of service.  Today’s workforce expects quick and timely recognition and rewards.  Cooleaf makes rewarding and recognizing a piece of cake.


Organizations with higher levels of engagement outperform their peers and generated 147% higher earnings per
share vs competitors.Gallup, 2013

Employee Interest Groups

Employees select from a list of professional and personal areas of interest customized to your unique organizational needs.

Reimagined Activity Feed

Employees can quickly initiate or register for upcoming events, contribute to threaded topical discussions, and issue or join challenges.

Group Events Simplified

Easily manage, track, and incentivize participation in company professional development events, wellness activities, community service outings, and more.

Activities Tied to Employee Growth

Incentivize personal & professional growth through an optional rewards program customized to your company or team needs.

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Team members can easily search and identify internal experts with relevant skills, view their endorsements, and request a meetup.



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