Eboticon – “Say more than just :-)”

Eboticon LLC is a creative design and entertainment media company formed to develop mobile applications, video games and character design/animation. Eboticon LLC is responsible for the Eboticon mobile application, offering urban and popular culture inspired animated gifs for text, e-mail and social media communications. Eboticon LLC formed in Atlanta GA in 2013 and launched the Eboticon mobile application July 2014. Since their start Eboticon has grown to 6 employees and has made several updates to their feature product, including social media sharing, a keyboard for iOS, an Eboticon marketplace and a host of new animated characters. The Eboticon creative team draws from the inspiration given by the city of Atlanta. The bustling southern city serves as an epicenter for urban and popular culture, and has no doubt contributed to the Eboticon creative perspective and overall brand.


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