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We’re Evntr, a new location based app that allows people to get a live feed of events happening around them. It’s a local platform everyone can use with friends and/or other people in the area to make life more eventful (pun intended).

With Evntr, you can:

– Get a live feed of what everyone’s doing around you
– Create an event instantly and invite others
– See three types of events: Public, Public-approved, Private
– Follow friends and others you meet
– Filter events based on preference
– Always know ‘what’s next’ to do

Instead of viewing, start doing. Create quality content and be a part of your local community events. Invite and engage with friends to make the most of your Evntr experience.

So, whether you’re trying to promote a concert show, weekly gathering, etc., Evntr is the easiest way to create an event, invite people, and get a ton of exposure. For example, companies promoting events may only have a few thousand contacts between email, Facebook, and other lists. Our platform, because it’s location based, has the ability to reach the nearly 5 million people in the greater Atlanta area the moment an event is created (on top of the option to invite existing contacts). This demonstrates Evntr’s power to reach a local or targeted audience in any area, making it the go-to app for events.


Download Evntr: http://apple.co/1I7SeeQ


Evntr Website: http://evntr.co


Evntr Press Kit: http://evntr.co/press/




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