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iQagent is a ‘practical’ augmented reality mobile app that instantly displays live data, schematics and other technical resources relevant to equipment it ‘recognizes’ on the plant floor. This feature allows plant floor staff to be much more efficient, since they never have to leave the equipment during repair or service calls. iQagent uses QR codes (called Points of Interest, or POIs) to recognize the equipment or process area. When a POI is scanned, users have instant access to a wide range of resources relevant to the equipment to help them do their job: Live data about the machine tells them the equipment status and alerts them to any immediate issues. Schematics and troubleshooting charts allow for efficient repair procedures; movies visually guide the user through unfamiliar maintenance procedures; web forms allow the user to document actions or report issues.

iQagent also allows users to communicate with remote technicians about process issues that affect production. Users can record the device display, which includes live video of the process, augmented with data and information displays relevant to the equipment being recorded. Audio and on screen annotations by the user are also included. The result is a compiled screenshot or video, which can be emailed or transferred to remote technicians for quick analysis and resolution of the issue, thus saving time and money. This feature allows for very efficient communication about production issues without waiting for the remote resource to travel onsite to see the issue for themselves.


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