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Contractor Connection is an industry leader in contractor managed repair and home improvement services. The company provides consumers with a national network of more than 4,800 residential and commercial contractors that are vetted and managed for performance, measuring quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, the consumers could request and get matched with a qualified contractor through the company’s website( Recently Contractor Connection saw an opportunity to engage the consumer on the go, providing a quick, hassle free, one-stop shop for his or her contractor needs.

Contractor Connection engaged Mobiquity – a trusted mobile engagement provider – to create My Contractor, a free mobile application that allows the consumer to request a qualified contractor and track the progress of their home remodel or repair project from their iOS or Android device.

The app features simple navigation and ease of use. Homeowners can tap “Get Started” on the app’s home screen, enter the ZIP code where their project is being done, describe their project and request a contractor at no cost. They are then contacted by the contractor appropriate for their needs, and they can arrange a meeting with the contractor and receive a free estimate for their project. Once the homeowner approves the estimate, work begins promptly according to the schedule, and the homeowner can use MyContractor to track the project until it’s finished. After project completion, the homeowner is able to fill out a customer satisfaction survey via email and submit it to Contractor Connection.

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