TabAccess – A Bluetooth Switch Interface

TabAccess, bluetooth switch interface, makes it possible for anyone with motor limitations to use Apps and play games on an Android tablet or iPad without touching the screen.

Over 3 million individuals in the US have a disability in their hands and/or forearms and thus have difficulties in effecting pinch and swipe gestures needed for tablet interaction. TabAccess is a wireless controller for individuals with motor impairments designed to provide access to the world through tablet interaction. With the growing availability of smartphones and tablets in our society, individuals are becoming proverbial users that enable them to explore the expanding world of apps, games, and social networks. Unfortunately, these touch-based tools are developed assuming the user is capable of ‘touching’ a specific small region with appropriate intensity and timing. This assumption does not generally hold true when considering individuals who possess limited upper body motor control, such as observed in individuals living with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, or traumatic brain inju ry. Our wireless controller for Tablet Accessibility (TabAccess) provides an alternative interface for individuals that have difficulties affecting the common pinch and swipe gestures required for touchscreen-based interaction. It enables access to Apps that can improve an individual’s quality of life – from providing access to rehabilitation and communication Apps to faster, easier, access to Kindle and TV functions. This device, based on technology exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech, has been developed into a commercially-available product that has readily been adopted by a number of school districts, rehabilitation hospitals, and therapy clinics in the Atlanta area.

TabAccess is a Bluetooth Switch Interface. It uses patent-pending technology to provide tablet access for special needs persons with motor limitations.

  • Connectivity for multiple accessible devices such as sip/puff, button switches, grasp switches
  • Wirelessly control tablet apps and play games
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Compatible with iOS 7 Switch Control Events
  • Out-of-the box operation
  • Small size, light and compact
  • Easy mounting for powered wheelchairs, adjustable beds, etc.
  • Works with switch accessible Apps (iOS and Android)


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