TrueFinancial is a B2B company disrupting the way companies communicate with their investors. We have built a mobile platform called TrueNative that allows us to build the most comprehensive mobile apps for investor relations. We have two specific products TrueIR designed for publicly traded companies and TrueFUND for mutual funds, hedge funds, asset manager, pension funds, private equity and venture capital funds. Our apps run across all three major platforms Android, Apple and Windows giving us a distinct edge in a market that is still 98% wide open. We are also developing this technology for smartwatches. Our future plans are to disrupt the IPO marketplace with a new service called TrueIPO that is still in stealth due to the competition and our need to keep it off the radar of other until launch.


Engaging with your investors can help shape the way your company is seen through the eyes of your investors and customers. TruePULSE™ is a unique crowdsourcing technology that help’s organizations understand and better serve their audience, by asking the right questions. Ask more intimate questions about how they feel and unlock critical information about your investors. See what they think about the people who run the company, current products and marketing campaigns.


Using TruePULSE™ as an employee engagement solution for the mobile savvy company ready to listen and take action to their employees moods and moral. TruePULSE™ allows you real-time data on how your team truly feels. This tool will help to curb turnover while increasing productivity and collaboration. . Communication is the absolute key to success and TruePULSE™ helps create happy productive employees.


Looking over metrics from web and mobile platforms is easy but it does not tell you how your audience really feels. Just because you have lots of web visitors and twitter followers does not mean the message is being received. Your audience can help you tailor the way you interact with them by knowing what drives them. The people that buy your products and use your services are ready to tell you what’s on their mind. You just need to ask the right questions


Today investors reach for their mobile device first when it comes to financial information. Mobile websites are a last resort as 89% of investors look at a Native Mobile App versus a Mobile Website. You have their money now give them easier access to the information they desire.


With decades of experience in the financial services domain from both the trading and the technology side, TrueFinancial has built the most robust and visible investor solution. Keeping your investors up to date in real time whether a mutual fund, hedge fund, private equity group, venture capital fund, angel fund or asset manager we have solution to fit your business.


Our native app allows  publicly traded or private funds to  have their own custom branded app providing investors access to fund information, press releases, SEC filings and all of the necessary information regarding the changing investment climate to keeping them happy and on your books.


Native mobile apps for funds and fund managers keep your investors up to date in real-time. A mobile solution will help to gain more exposure by allowing the world to view your information on the devices they use each and every day.  Market directly to the audience that is already engaged and increase your bottom line.


Today the perception of many is much more powerful than the reality of the few. Using our TruePULSE™ technology you can keep your finger on the pulse of the very people who are already engaged with your company.  Understanding what your audience is thinking and how they are feeling can be the difference when making important sales and marketing decisions.



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