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XPLRR is a free iPhone/Android app that was developed by Tech International, Inc. which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. XPLRR includes everything that you need to live, work and play in Atlanta; all conveniently bundled into one powerful, easy-to-use app.

Since XPLRR was launched in Atlanta on April 1, 2014, we’ve received overwhelming support from the community as evidenced by our continuous growth. Within 15 months, over 16,700 people have downloaded our free iPhone/Android app. In addition, we’ve gained 15,700+ Facebook fans, 3,600+ Twitter followers, 8,700+ Instagram follower, and 10,500+ email subscribers.

In the spirit of exploration, XPLRR is thrilled to announce the kick-off of the #AtlantaXPLRR social media campaign. In hopes of encouraging Atlantans to get up, get out and discover the best of what the city has to offer, the #AtlantaXPLRR social campaign aims to create a gallery of photos and videos that capture Atlanta’s spirit and amazing local offerings. Atlanta Explorers are invited to contribute to this city-wide digital gallery by simply exploring their city, posting their best photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and tagging their city adventures with #AtlantaXPLRR. Each week, XPLRR will highlight the best photo or video submission and will reward the lucky Atlanta Explorer with prizes such as gift cards to local restaurants, tickets to festivals, events and live music, and more.

To date, over 6,400 photos and videos have been submitted by Atlanta Explorers.

XPLRR is dedicated to giving back to the community! Since the launch of our app, we’ve developed community outreach initiatives and we’ve promoted thousands of community related events to give back to the city that we love! Our company works with a number of local charities including Pure Imagination (www.pure-imagination.org) and The Giving Kitchen (www.thegivingkitchen.org) to help generate awareness for their organizations by promoting fundraising events through our app, social media, and email pro bono. And to reflect our love and appreciation for the arts, we are happy to support local artists and musicians by promoting their events for no charge.

XPLRR Supports Local Businesses When we released the first version of XPLRR, our app featured two dozen restaurants. In June 2015, we released a new version of XPLRR which was the first major update in over a year. Our app now features over 200 local restaurants and we’ve added more content to our app including new sections for: Entertainment – Top Golf, Atlanta Improv, Medieval Times, The Painted Pin, etc. Nightlife – Tongue & Groove, Havana Club, Gold Room, Opera Nightclub, etc. Attractions – World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, etc.

XPLRR Rewards Program The latest version of XPLRR also features a “Rewards Program” which provides an incentive to dine at participating restaurants. Points are earned by checking in through the XPLRR app and additional points can be earned by sharing the check-in via Facebook and/or Twitter. Points can then be redeemed for various prizes including complimentary appetizers, discounts, free meals, gift cards, etc. The Rewards Program can be custom tailored for each restaurant by setting up denominations of points and rewards and the XPLRR app keeps track of points earned, points redeemed, and the points balance for each Atlanta Explorer. Every month, we provide our clients with a report which details how many points have been earned by Atlanta Explorers, how many points have been redeemed, and the prizes that have been issued during that period. Check-ins are verified by geo-location or by a four-digit PIN that is entered by a manager/server.

XPLRR Loves Atlanta Although the XPLRR app is utilized as a leading resource by tourists who are visiting the Atlanta area, our app was created for locals. While there are other apps on the market that provide information about Atlanta, XPLRR is the only app that provides exclusive content and combines information from a number of trusted sources in order to be a comprehensive mobile guide to exploring Atlanta and discovering the best that this city has to offer! We welcome feedback from Atlanta Explorers and local businesses on how we can improve the XPLRR app and we incorporate many suggestions in future releases.


For a detailed list of features for the XPLRR app visit: http://bit.ly/1Eejm6i

A detailed breakdown of our reach can be viewed at: http://bit.ly/1OVJo41

View the #AtlantaXPLRR Gallery at: http://bit.ly/XPLRRATL

View the level of engagement for winning photos/videos at: http://bit.ly/XPLRRoftheWeek

To learn more about the XPLRR Rewards Program and how it helps local businesses while rewarding Atlanta Explorers visit: http://bit.ly/1W6vgu8

To learn more about the XPLRR Gives Back program visit: http://xplrr.com/wordpress/uncategorized/xplrr-supports-charities/


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