ZooKazam is a fun mobile app created to be educational, engaging and interactive while featuring a technological breakthrough that can promote brand enhancement. ZooKazam’s mission is to enhance our world by utilizing augmented reality technology to promote education and entertainment through a magical exploration of the animal kingdom. The ZooKazam visual and sensory experience is one that captures and maintains attention of even the most unfocused audience.
Our team is a compilation of tech nerds and visual artists that combined powers to create the most advanced augmented reality mobile platform available for mobile devices. The ZooKazam team is comprised of highly talented and internationally recognized graphic artists, virtual reality experts, accomplished photographers and writers, and committed animal enthusiasts and conservationists.
ZooKazam has taken augmented reality to the next level by using virtually realistic content, incorporating a user-friendly interface, providing high technology at an extremely low cost and developing a unique user experience.
ZooKazam is available for download from the App Store and Google Play and works on all Apple and Andriod devices. We developed a library of holographic animals coupled with educational information and maintain many in production to be released periodically. Although we will consistently contribute to standard categories such as mammals and water wildlife, we will also produce more mystical creatures such as dragons, mermaids and unicorns. The update currently in production to be released later this summer includes a plethora of awesome features that will make the app even better. We already make the augmented reality experience accessible to consumers without the need for expensive hardware, but we recently developed a method that completely eliminates the need for a physical target to use with the app.
In addition to zoos and educational facilities, we are also seeking relationships with large brands such as Coke, Geico, Aflac, etc. We help zoos, aquariums and museums drive tickets sales and enhance guest experience. We help companies and professional athletic organizations deliver experiential marketing campaigns. We help educators make learning fun and incorporate advanced technology into their lesson plans.
We imagine teachers using ZooKazam in their science, writing or art lessons. We envision students exploring animals using the app and creating projects or reports based on what they hear and see. After receiving multiple requests, we created a plan to make our app available for volume purchases by interested schools. We are also interactive on social media in a way that ensures direct access to the users and implementers of our platform.
After gaining momentum and popularity among consumers, our plan is to attract businesses and organizations that seek an interactive and unforgettable marketing campaign to serve the customer and fan experience. While we already know the edtech community considers the ZooKazam experience a mind-blowing success, we believe that companies will be quick to follow once the dreamers incorporate our technology into their marketing visions and goals.
Founded and based in Atlanta, we started our venture in the United States, but aim to reach a global market. As a new member in a growing technology empire of the Southeast, we are proud to share a city with nationally recognized higher educational facilities and award-winning zoos and museums rooted within a rapidly increasing and attractive economy for tech start ups as well as existing big businesses. Having these tools in our back yard ensures access to valuable resources and relationships. Our team members are committed and highly active members of the social scene in Atlanta and look forward to maintaining the company’s local heritage through benefits offered within this community.
ZooKazam is an early stage company currently seeking strategic investors and partnerships to help nurture our vision. As of today, the company is privately funded and bootstrapped entirely by the founders. We aim to make an investment in scaling our development team and securing our intellectual property in order to increase the pace of innovation and to round out the feature set of our product. We intend to monetize additional revenue streams, including but not limited to licensing fees of our product and augmented reality artifacts.




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