mLevel is the industry-leading casual learning platform used by global Fortune 500 companies to make learning fun, while improving real business results. Founded in June 2012, and headquartered in Chicago, IL with significant operations in Atlanta, GA, mLevel serves clients such as AT&T, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Microsoft and many more across a wide range of industries.  Common business uses include sales training, customer support/call center training, compliance training and new hire orientation.

mLevel is leading a paradigm shift to reform traditional corporate training into something that is engaging for employees, effective for trainers, and a catalyst for real results by reducing skill gaps in the business.  mLevel’s SaaS-based platform allows one to quickly create and deliver interactive learning games to play on nearly any device, all backed by detailed analytics. Leaderboards, badges and social learning interactions drive long-term engagement and ultimately lead to motivated employees who perform better.  mLevel’s game-based learning activities are aligned with proven learning methodologies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and science-based methods such as short-burst, bite-sized training sessions.

mLevel’s most recent innovation takes learning a step further by using a sophisticated, data-driven (and in some cases nonlinear) approach to instruction.  This is achieved by creating a personalized learning experience that can anticipate and dynamically adjust to a learner’s interactions based on their demonstrated level of content mastery.  mLevel’s key to success is that its back-end software bears all the heavy lifting.  Therefore, the learning instructor can simply use a code-free web-based tool to quickly create the content and push it out to users in real-time. In this regard, mLevel is clearly positioned as an innovator in the industry.

One case study that illustrates the value and benefit the mLevel product brings to a client is D4’s approach to mobile, game based sales training.  D4 is a leading provider of managed data and discovery services to law firms and corporations.  As D4’s recent growth expanded its portfolio of offerings and increased its sales team, they realized that a geographically dispersed salesforce would benefit from formal sales training.  Their goal was to deploy online, mobile-accessible sales training to decrease the inconsistencies in company and product positioning.

Less than three weeks after signing a contract, D4 launched their first sales training mission consisting of multiple learning activities focused on their corporate history and positioning in the market. Seventeen subsequent missions were created and launched in the following ten weeks, covering product offerings, sales activity standards, identification of prospects & objection handling, marketing campaigns and much more.  D4 was impressed with the ability to accomplish so much in a short time with only the buy-in of senior executives, the commitment of subject matter experts, and the platform’s easy content development process and helpful support.  By monitoring completion data, engagement, leaderboard scores, learner performance and subject area mastery, D4 was able to continually assess where knowledge gaps were occurring and what topics needed to be supplemented with additional training.

Learners got real-time performance feedback, showing what they got wrong and what areas they needed to improve on. In addition, the ability to monitor day-to-day activity, identify top performers and assess mastery by topic helped managers to see where their employees needed some extra help or coaching to make sure they progressed as expected.  In just a few short months, D4 is already seeing positive results from a sales mission that teaches reps how to best utilize marketing campaigns. It’s not only helping to create an uptick in leads, but also in generating more engagement from junior reps in terms of how they utilize marketing resources. This vital information is being communicated in a structured, but fun and engaging way.  Reps are absorbing and applying the information, too.

In addition to helping sales reps use marketing more efficiently, the training has also helped the marketing team better understand sales. Knowing more about what sales is responsible for on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis has helped tailor materials to more closely fit sales needs.  Reaction from sales reps has been very positive as they recognize that the training will help them sell more effectively.  Furthermore, the mLevel training process feeds the competitive mindset that motivates most sales reps. They want to learn because they want to win.

In less than seven months, D4 has trained sales and marketing on the spectrum of products, services, and processes. As a result, they have never been in greater alignment as a team. The mLevel platform gives D4 the ability to deliver a consistent message to clients and prospects and bring new hires up to speed faster than ever before. They fully expect to see a full return on investment in this first year.




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