Evntr App

We’re Evntr, a new location based app that allows people to get a live feed of events happening around them. It’s a local platform everyone can use with friends and/or other people in the area to make life more eventful (pun intended).

With Evntr, you can:

– Get a live feed of what everyone’s doing around you
– Create an event instantly and invite others
– See three types of events: Public, Public-approved, Private
– Follow friends and others you meet
– Filter events based on preference
– Always know ‘what’s next’ to do

Instead of viewing, start doing. Create quality content and be a part of your local community events. Invite and engage with friends to make the most of your Evntr experience.

So, whether you’re trying to promote a concert show, weekly gathering, etc., Evntr is the easiest way to create an event, invite people, and get a ton of exposure. For example, companies promoting events may only have a few thousand contacts between email, Facebook, and other lists. Our platform, because it’s location based, has the ability to reach the nearly 5 million people in the greater Atlanta area the moment an event is created (on top of the option to invite existing contacts). This demonstrates Evntr’s power to reach a local or targeted audience in any area, making it the go-to app for events.


Download Evntr: http://apple.co/1I7SeeQ


Evntr Website: http://evntr.co


Evntr Press Kit: http://evntr.co/press/





My Contractor App

Contractor Connection is an industry leader in contractor managed repair and home improvement services. The company provides consumers with a national network of more than 4,800 residential and commercial contractors that are vetted and managed for performance, measuring quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, the consumers could request and get matched with a qualified contractor through the company’s website(www.contractorconnection.com). Recently Contractor Connection saw an opportunity to engage the consumer on the go, providing a quick, hassle free, one-stop shop for his or her contractor needs.

Contractor Connection engaged Mobiquity – a trusted mobile engagement provider – to create My Contractor, a free mobile application that allows the consumer to request a qualified contractor and track the progress of their home remodel or repair project from their iOS or Android device.

The app features simple navigation and ease of use. Homeowners can tap “Get Started” on the app’s home screen, enter the ZIP code where their project is being done, describe their project and request a contractor at no cost. They are then contacted by the contractor appropriate for their needs, and they can arrange a meeting with the contractor and receive a free estimate for their project. Once the homeowner approves the estimate, work begins promptly according to the schedule, and the homeowner can use MyContractor to track the project until it’s finished. After project completion, the homeowner is able to fill out a customer satisfaction survey via email and submit it to Contractor Connection.

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National Center for Civil and Human Rights App & Augmented Reality Experience from Bark Bark

In addition to delivering a traditional app, we aspired to make a second-screen companion AR experience for the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, a breathtaking 90,000-square-foot building in Atlanta dedicated to the achievements of both the civil rights movement in the United States and the broader worldwide human rights movement. The app is not only a traditional and well-designed hub for people to find out information, buy tickets, and navigate the museum, but most importantly, it’s a new way to dive deeper into the content inside the space, with our custom augmented reality viewer.

We specifically chose to start by enhancing the 35-foot lobby mural designed by artist Paula Scher, which has quickly become a symbol for The Center itself, by creating a custom-built tool allowing someone to hold their smartphone up to the artwork and explore information about the 28 individual civil and human rights posters that make up the collage. This not only encourages greater interaction with the piece, but deepens the content and context of the experience… and the intent of the artist.

We researched the technology closely with our partner Qualcomm, a leading designer of AR software, who donated their Vuforia platform license-free to create this unique interactive feature for the Center. Our little experiment turned into a huge success – Apple approved the CCHR app which can be downloaded HERE on the first submission round (a rarity with such complex AR). Now, anyone can take their visit to the next level with an immersive augmented reality experience that encourages museum-goers to be hands-on. And this is just the tip of the iceberg…the NCCHR has a wealth of opportunity to bring more of their exhibits to life with future installments in VR, spreading the message of equality to the 21st Century.




ION Rewards

Sionic Mobile, a mobile commerce leader, launched its all-new ION Rewards app (version 4.0) for consumers, free in both App Store and Play. This latest release (launched in July 2015) introduces new features and functionality including an interactive user interface, simple, yet secure two-tap checkout process and instant, real-time rewards for every purchase completed using the app. The new ION Rewards app enhances the shopping experience from start to finish, delivering location-based, tailored promotions, enabling convenient and fast checkouts, and then, rewards users instantly for every completed checkout with IONs that spend like cash.

The fourth generation ION Rewards app uses proprietary, three-tier fraud detection technology, providing one of the most secure mobile payments and rewards platforms available today. The app also leverages tokenized payment processing to protect consumers, merchants and banks.

Smartphone-savvy consumers use ION Rewards to earn 2% instantly for paying with the app at more than 100,000 retail and restaurant locations nationwide. Merchants also reward app users with IONs for purchasing promotional items. 1,000 IONs equals $1.00, spend like cash on anything, anytime at any ION merchant and never expire. ION Rewards is secure, using facial recognition during sign-up to prevent identity fraud and trusted, partnering with top-tier card processors and FDIC-insured banks. The ION Rewards app supports iOS and most Android devices. Visit www.ionRewards.com to learn more.






TrueFinancial is a B2B company disrupting the way companies communicate with their investors. We have built a mobile platform called TrueNative that allows us to build the most comprehensive mobile apps for investor relations. We have two specific products TrueIR designed for publicly traded companies and TrueFUND for mutual funds, hedge funds, asset manager, pension funds, private equity and venture capital funds. Our apps run across all three major platforms Android, Apple and Windows giving us a distinct edge in a market that is still 98% wide open. We are also developing this technology for smartwatches. Our future plans are to disrupt the IPO marketplace with a new service called TrueIPO that is still in stealth due to the competition and our need to keep it off the radar of other until launch.


Engaging with your investors can help shape the way your company is seen through the eyes of your investors and customers. TruePULSE™ is a unique crowdsourcing technology that help’s organizations understand and better serve their audience, by asking the right questions. Ask more intimate questions about how they feel and unlock critical information about your investors. See what they think about the people who run the company, current products and marketing campaigns.


Using TruePULSE™ as an employee engagement solution for the mobile savvy company ready to listen and take action to their employees moods and moral. TruePULSE™ allows you real-time data on how your team truly feels. This tool will help to curb turnover while increasing productivity and collaboration. . Communication is the absolute key to success and TruePULSE™ helps create happy productive employees.


Looking over metrics from web and mobile platforms is easy but it does not tell you how your audience really feels. Just because you have lots of web visitors and twitter followers does not mean the message is being received. Your audience can help you tailor the way you interact with them by knowing what drives them. The people that buy your products and use your services are ready to tell you what’s on their mind. You just need to ask the right questions


Today investors reach for their mobile device first when it comes to financial information. Mobile websites are a last resort as 89% of investors look at a Native Mobile App versus a Mobile Website. You have their money now give them easier access to the information they desire.


With decades of experience in the financial services domain from both the trading and the technology side, TrueFinancial has built the most robust and visible investor solution. Keeping your investors up to date in real time whether a mutual fund, hedge fund, private equity group, venture capital fund, angel fund or asset manager we have solution to fit your business.


Our native app allows  publicly traded or private funds to  have their own custom branded app providing investors access to fund information, press releases, SEC filings and all of the necessary information regarding the changing investment climate to keeping them happy and on your books.


Native mobile apps for funds and fund managers keep your investors up to date in real-time. A mobile solution will help to gain more exposure by allowing the world to view your information on the devices they use each and every day.  Market directly to the audience that is already engaged and increase your bottom line.


Today the perception of many is much more powerful than the reality of the few. Using our TruePULSE™ technology you can keep your finger on the pulse of the very people who are already engaged with your company.  Understanding what your audience is thinking and how they are feeling can be the difference when making important sales and marketing decisions.




Mobile PC Virtual Reality from ATLVR

We have created custom equipment to allow PC virtual reality to become mobile. Many people use the lack of mobility as an excuse not to travel with the latest and most exciting virtual reality applications, but we used that as an excuse to create custom equipment! Two of our most used items are our custom built “L-Type” PC’s and our arm keyboard. These allow us the flexibility and mobility to bring virtual reality anywhere. Our L-Types only require one plug for an entire gaming PC and screen that boots up in less than 5 seconds. Our arm keyboards allow for hands free demonstrations without clutter.







SPLIT (payandsplit.com)

Split makes restaurant experiences more enjoyable for customers by increasing restaurant staff efficiencies and giving customers back their time with a seamless payment and ordering app.  Split has successfully reduced wait times at quick service restaurants (order before you sit restaurants), made table turn rates faster at full service restaurants, increased tips for waiters and has made the payment processes for customers less of a hassle.


There’s no need to wait around for your bill, Split is ready when you are. Simply pay from your phone when you are ready to leave.


No matter how large your party, Split can easily facilitate splitting the bill with you and your friends. Tag your friends to the bill and pay diflucan tablets 200 mg.


Nothing is faster than not having to wait. Easily place orders ahead of time to make getting your takeout order quick and easy.



The Age of Turing

The Age of Turing is an interactive game experience that plays like a webseries, online scavenger hunt, and Augmented Reality game. The main topic explored in the game is a mystery revolving the first supercomputer that becomes consciously aware. We have a strong narrative with three main characters that engage directly with audiences across multiple platforms take a look at the site here. By solving the puzzles tied to the mystery, audiences help the characters find key information that pushes the story forward. We are using Augmented Reality for some of the puzzles in the live game part of the experience, which will be deployed around Midtown Atlanta mid September.

Alan Turing was a great British mathematician and thinker who helped bring down the Nazi regime by developing computer systems and techniques to decode their encrypted war messages. He was a pioneer not only in cryptography but also in logic, computation, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and even biology.

Turing’s ideas foreshadowed a world in which global conflicts are fought more often with cryptography than with guns, where individuals desperately strive to keep even the smallest aspects of their lives secret from hackers and agencies, and where people spend more time interacting with computers than other humans.

Alas, after the war, instead of being honored like the hero he was, Alan Turing was prosecuted and harshly punished solely because he was gay. The situation was exacerbated due to his poor social skills; even though Turing was one of the most brilliant mathematicians in history, he was barely capable of handling rudimentary interactions with people, much less defend himself in the prejudiced and socially complex criminal courts of the time.

Alan Turing’s life story is a glaring reminder of why society sometimes makes it necessary to keep parts of our lives private. His suffering and untimely end are also a testament to the incredible cruelty that has been enacted, and that continues to be inflicted around the world upon those who are different.


We are living in a time in which many of Turing’s predictions have come to pass. The legacy of his work extends vastly through the field of computer science, including cryptography and artificial intelligence. He is the quintessential unsung hero to all of us misfits who dream of what our digital future still holds for all of humanity.

This project is an attempt to honor Turing by telling the story of his legacy and how his work has affected millions all over the world, from how robotics are currently helping autistic children, to how minorities are being empowered to transition from outcasts to technological entrepreneurs.


The Age of Turing will be an interactive multi-platform experience telling the story of an expansive alternative universe in which Alan Turing lived to see his old age. While the project itself is not a biopic on Turing, his life and legacy is what inspires the modern day characters to follow mysterious clues and unravel the multiple secrets they face along their way to overcome great dangers and difficulties.

By integrating storytelling with interactive elements like puzzles games of multiple varieties, we hope to create a powerful way to not only experience and pay forward his legacy, but also encourage learning in the fields of technology and mathematics, as well as inspire empathy, courage, generosity, and resilience.




League of Mobile Apps

League Mobile Apps is where sports and mobile technology come to play. Our apps give players from amateur to pro the ability to rate their peers on the five fundamental skills of each given sport ( ratings are subjective to how players view one another’s skills ). Using geo-location; players can mark their favorite sporting locations to play at, check out the competition, rate and be rated by the players around them. League allows players to post their League rating via social media for all to see. The goal is to have the highest rating among your peers or as we say, in your League. League promotes physical fitness, healthy competition, and social interaction.



League For Basketball is the only basketball app that helps basketball players find nearby courts to play and compete. And it allows players to continue to build the network of court locations for other players to discover. League For Basketball lets you scan the map for courts in your area to compete at. Nothing keeps you on your toes like going to a new court and making a name for yourself. New courts are being added daily by competitive League members like you!


If you are at your favorite spot to play basketball and it is not already on the map, then tap the “Mark current location as new court” button while you are there to mark your territory on the courts map. Now other League members can discover a new court.


Tap on any court marker on the map to see how many players are on that court in REAL-TIME! And to see other detailed information about that court by tapping the “COURT INFO” button. Never miss the next 3-on-3 pick-up game again.


League For Basketball members can add and remove any court on the map to their “Fav Courts” list. This feature gives you a quick snap shot of the number of players on your courts (without scanning the map marker) and the last time to you showed up to play. If it’s been awhile, you might want to pay the competition a visit.


Checking into the courts around you is what League For Basketball is all about! The more courts you check into the bigger your League becomes and the number of players you are connected to.


The Court Info screen shows a picture of the currently selected court, along with the name of the court.


The Court Info screen also gives a list of all the League members that are currently checked-in on that court. Once you check-in, other members will see you on the list, and then the rating can began!


When you are at any court location tap the “Check-in at this court” button to let the competition know that you are in the building! By checking-in you let other members who are scanning the map know how many players are at that court ready to play. So don’t just sit there let em know the court’s not empty.


When League members begin to check-in at courts that you have been to, you can receieve notifications when a set number of competitors have arrived at your favorite court(s). You can adjust notification settings within the League For Basketball settings.


Never guess how the competition REALLY feels about your game. League For Basketball is the only basketball app where you can rate and be rated by other members on the five fundamental skills of the game. And receive REAL-TIME notifications when other League For Basketball members rate your game. Tap the “Rate” button next to any members name to rate them.


The rate screen shows an image of the current player you are about to rate. As well as the last rating that you have posted for that player.


on the five fundamental skills of basketball: Shooting, Assists(passing), Handles(dribbling), Rebounding, and Defense.


After you’ve dialed in the numbers for a players skills tap the “Update Rating” button.


As your ratings go up or down, receive instant updates on how other League members are rating your game. So always bring your “A” game to the courts.


The League Stats screen gives you a breakdown of the top competitors within your League. You’ve seen them on the courts and rated their game, now see how the rest of the League rates their game.


Quickly filter through your League and search for members by court, name, etc.


The League list is comprised of all the players that you share a court with and have competed at.


Within the League list you get a breakdown of each members username, position they play, their overall League rating, the last time they were rated, and their “home” court.


Tap the refresh button to make sure you have the latest League rankings.


As competitve basketball players, we’ve all done this before. We compare our game to one another and debate on who’s the best among us. Now it’s time to #GetYourStatsUp and let League For Basketball do the bragging for you.


Your current rating is the overall rating that other League members have given you on your game. You will receive a rating badge ranging from “SCRUB” to “LEAGUE MVP” according to that overall rating.


On the MyStats screen you receive a break down of what your average rating is in each of the five basketball fundamentals.


Tap the “SHARE RATING” to show everyone what you have achieved in your League.


Share your certified League For Basketball rating via Text Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and many more



VRunway from ATLVR

The virtual reality head mounted display is placed on the users head and they are immersed into a fully 3-dimensional world that surrounds them. The user can look in any direction and the tracking allows them to feel like they are there. They appear sitting at the end of a fashion runway and models walk towards them in full scale as if they were really there. They can examine the clothes and looks without actually being at the fashion show. The program currently works on two platforms – Oculus Rift DK2 and Samsung Gear VR.