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mLevel is the industry-leading casual learning platform used by global Fortune 500 companies to make learning fun, while improving real business results. Founded in June 2012, and headquartered in Chicago, IL with significant operations in Atlanta, GA, mLevel serves clients such as AT&T, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Microsoft and many more across a wide range of industries.  Common business uses include sales training, customer support/call center training, compliance training and new hire orientation.

mLevel is leading a paradigm shift to reform traditional corporate training into something that is engaging for employees, effective for trainers, and a catalyst for real results by reducing skill gaps in the business.  mLevel’s SaaS-based platform allows one to quickly create and deliver interactive learning games to play on nearly any device, all backed by detailed analytics. Leaderboards, badges and social learning interactions drive long-term engagement and ultimately lead to motivated employees who perform better.  mLevel’s game-based learning activities are aligned with proven learning methodologies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and science-based methods such as short-burst, bite-sized training sessions.

mLevel’s most recent innovation takes learning a step further by using a sophisticated, data-driven (and in some cases nonlinear) approach to instruction.  This is achieved by creating a personalized learning experience that can anticipate and dynamically adjust to a learner’s interactions based on their demonstrated level of content mastery.  mLevel’s key to success is that its back-end software bears all the heavy lifting.  Therefore, the learning instructor can simply use a code-free web-based tool to quickly create the content and push it out to users in real-time. In this regard, mLevel is clearly positioned as an innovator in the industry.

One case study that illustrates the value and benefit the mLevel product brings to a client is D4’s approach to mobile, game based sales training.  D4 is a leading provider of managed data and discovery services to law firms and corporations.  As D4’s recent growth expanded its portfolio of offerings and increased its sales team, they realized that a geographically dispersed salesforce would benefit from formal sales training.  Their goal was to deploy online, mobile-accessible sales training to decrease the inconsistencies in company and product positioning.

Less than three weeks after signing a contract, D4 launched their first sales training mission consisting of multiple learning activities focused on their corporate history and positioning in the market. Seventeen subsequent missions were created and launched in the following ten weeks, covering product offerings, sales activity standards, identification of prospects & objection handling, marketing campaigns and much more.  D4 was impressed with the ability to accomplish so much in a short time with only the buy-in of senior executives, the commitment of subject matter experts, and the platform’s easy content development process and helpful support.  By monitoring completion data, engagement, leaderboard scores, learner performance and subject area mastery, D4 was able to continually assess where knowledge gaps were occurring and what topics needed to be supplemented with additional training.

Learners got real-time performance feedback, showing what they got wrong and what areas they needed to improve on. In addition, the ability to monitor day-to-day activity, identify top performers and assess mastery by topic helped managers to see where their employees needed some extra help or coaching to make sure they progressed as expected.  In just a few short months, D4 is already seeing positive results from a sales mission that teaches reps how to best utilize marketing campaigns. It’s not only helping to create an uptick in leads, but also in generating more engagement from junior reps in terms of how they utilize marketing resources. This vital information is being communicated in a structured, but fun and engaging way.  Reps are absorbing and applying the information, too.

In addition to helping sales reps use marketing more efficiently, the training has also helped the marketing team better understand sales. Knowing more about what sales is responsible for on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis has helped tailor materials to more closely fit sales needs.  Reaction from sales reps has been very positive as they recognize that the training will help them sell more effectively.  Furthermore, the mLevel training process feeds the competitive mindset that motivates most sales reps. They want to learn because they want to win.

In less than seven months, D4 has trained sales and marketing on the spectrum of products, services, and processes. As a result, they have never been in greater alignment as a team. The mLevel platform gives D4 the ability to deliver a consistent message to clients and prospects and bring new hires up to speed faster than ever before. They fully expect to see a full return on investment in this first year.




Pinnacle VR Recruiting Tool from Foundry 45

What’s it like to train with a world-class performance coach?
With the Pinnacle Athletics Sports Performance Virtual Reality (VR) Recruiting Tool by Foundry 45, professional, college, and high school athletes have an answer they can experience for themselves.
Pinnacle wanted a way to show prospective clients what it’s like to go through a workout at the Norcross Sports Training Academy without the prospects having to actually be at the training facility. With the new VR tool, Pinnacle now has a powerful way to engage recruits at athletic events, conferences, and schools throughout the Metro Atlanta area. 
The experience is available for iOS and Android on Google Cardboard so Pinnacle can also send out branded Cardboard to prospects, and they can view the app from the comfort of their own homes.
The tool gives athletes a 360-degree tour of areas like the practice field and weight room, and it also offers them the opportunity to view 360-degree video of actual training taking place.

Gorilla Expense Pro

With Gorilla Expense you no longer have to keep up with old receipts and manually input data in an Excel spreadsheet. This app is a 100% online solution that offers a quick, efficient process for submitting expense reports . All data that is tied to the system is safely maintained and managed.

Gorilla Expense users can submit e-receipts from their mobile devices that can then be added to reports electronically. Administrative work is reduced while recording keeping and accuracy is improved. Users can import credit card transactions directly into the expense reports, eliminating almost all of the effort in this time-consuming process. Each submission or change is tracked with relevant information making your expense report more precise and easier to manage.

Gorilla Expense Pro is available on both the Apple and Android market.




Answer 4 easy questions to match you with your best car.


Get an “out-the-door” price and payment that fits your budget.


Buy from CarLingo Elite Dealers to sign and drive, negotiation-free.

The MVP launched in January and the pilot officially started in April. We’ve completed a consumer deal and have generated nearly 50 leads (consumers who have expressed interest in a specific car and provided an email/phone contact) from the experience. We currently have over 500 registered subscribers. Organic traffic continues to grow month over month, with some paid advertising (Google) driving traffic to support A/B testing the experience, copy, and new features. We’re sure we’re on to something and working hard to drive out the best experience to support our goals. In February, we won the TechCrunch Pitch off here in Atlanta, as well as being recognized by TAG and Emory over the past few months.



On-the-Go Profit Maximization from StarMobile

On-the-Go Profit Maximization for Multi-Family Housing (LRO®) In December 2014, StarMobile engaged with Atlanta-based The RainMaker Group to help transform the company’s existing desktop application used by multifamily housing reps, LRO®, into a mobile application for use on smart phones and tablets. The RainMaker Group’s LRO® desktop application enables multifamily housing operators to optimize rates and maximize revenue from apartment leases. The application is used to price more than one million units in North America and its end users are property managers that are often away from their desks and in need of accessing this critical information on the go. The RainMaker Group decided to undertake the task of extending this popular desktop application to mobile devices in order to meet the needs of their property manager end users. The RainMaker Group’s end users needed anywhere, anytime mobile access to the application’s core functions and data outputs, including pricing trends, competitor pricing and rent data. The RainMaker Group sought to complete their LRO® mobile application project within five months and reduce LRO® users’ common workflow down from 22 clicks/interaction on the PC to 15 on mobile. Initially, The RainMaker Group considered building a mobile solution in-house with internal or contract resources. However, when the company discovered StarMobile’s capabilities to enable a mobile version in five days rather than five months, at a tenth of the cost, the team commissioned StarMobile for the project.


On-the-Go Profit Maximization for Hotel Mangers (GuestREV®) In January 2015, StarMobile and The RainMaker Group worked together for a second time in order to extend The RainMaker Group’s flagship desktop hospitality application, GuestREV®, to mobile devices. The RainMaker Group was under pressure to generate a mobile version of their popular hospitality application due to their hotel manager users’ demand for an app. The desktop version of the GuestREV® software product integrates into any in-house hospitality booking system and delivers data on optimal pricing, profit and yield for hotel operators and managers. The RainMaker Group needed to deploy a mobile version of GuestREV® quickly and cost effectively. After having achieved success with their multifamily housing mobile app (LRO®) using StarMobile, the RainMaker Group team commissioned StarMobile a second time to extend the desktop version of this popular hospitality software application to mobile devices. The RainMaker Group sought to complete the GuestREV® mobile project in two weeks and reduce GuestREV® users’ common workflow down from 20 clicks/interactions on the PC down to 10 on mobile.


On-the-Go Profit Maximization for Multi-Family Housing (LRO®) Within five days, StarMobile delivered a mobile version of The RainMaker Group’s multifamily housing desktop application, LRO®, removing extra page navigations throughout the application and streamlining the overall workflow. StarMobile also extracted raw data and complex tables and delivered them in a mobile-friendly format. The project was delivered in five days rather than the anticipated five months, and at one-tenth of the anticipated cost. LRO® users’ most common workflow as reduced from 22 clicks/interactions on PC down to only 10 on mobile – exceeding the company’s initial objective and reducing workflow times for end users. The deployment was so successful that just weeks later, The RainMaker Group reached back out to StarMobile to work on a mobile version of the desktop version of their flagship hospitality product, GuestREV®.


On-the-Go Profit Maximization for Hotel Mangers (GuestREV®)Similar to what StarMobile enabled for The RainMaker Group’s multifamily housing application (LRO®), StarMobile was able to deliver the mobile app version of the GuestREV® software product in only five days, and for a fraction of the cost of developing the app in-house. The mobile solution launched ahead of The RainMaker Group’s anticipated schedule and at a tenth of the cost of developing in-house. The mobile version of GuestREV® enables hotel managers and operations users access to the software’s full suite of pricing functions and reporting in real-time on their smart phones. StarMobile was able to deliver mobilized version, with a native user experience, that displayed the raw data, in easy to consume graphs. GuestREV® users’ workflow has been reduced from 20 clicks/interactions to only 6 on mobile – exceeding the company’s initial objective and reducing workflow times for hospitality end users.

– LRO Video:

– GuestRev Video:




Simple. Salon. Appointments.

Rezmani is the easiest way to book appointments with thousands of salons near you. Book an appointment for a manicure, pedicure, solar nails, waxing, tanning and other services at the best salons in your city. With Rezmani, you can book a salon appointment directly from your mobile device.
No more calling and waiting, just tap and go!

Explore and discover thousands of salons

Have a specific salon you’re looking for? We’ll get you connected quickly. Not sure where you’d like to go or want to try something different? We’ll show you a variety of options.

Any mani, anytime, anywhere

A simple solution for nail salon appointments.

Whether you’re visiting your favorite salon by the office or enjoying a weekend trip with the girls, Rezmani let’s you locate the best professional salons nearby, book your appointment immediately and pay for the visit – all with a few taps on your smart phone!


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Find the perfect salon quickly

Your next salon appointment is always close at hand.

With Rezmani, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when selecting the salon that works best for you. Read through profiles to find salons near you that cater to your specific beauty needs, from manicures and pedicures to waxing and hair styles.




Prizm is a mobile app that helps you collect your inspirations and achievements in one place, kind of like a journal and a trophy case combined. Your Prizm reflects who you are by bringing the posts you choose from apps like Instagram and Twitter together with posts you create inside of Prizm. Colleges and companies want to see who you are beyond what’s on paper. Prizm is your chance to show people what you’re all about.

Prizm also gives clubs, youth groups and community organizations a chance for members to connect and share privately with each other. Click here to learn more about setting up a private section for your organization.

Youth organizations don’t have the time or resources to develop their own technology to be “the place” to communicate with their members, yet the vast majority of their members have smartphones and use apps. These organizations are also under increasing pressure to fundraise and demonstrate the effectiveness of their programming.

The primary objective of Prizm is to be the mobile-based place for an organization to communicate with members, learn about and engage with its members, measure the impact of its programs, and use the data to report back to its board and donors. The secondary objective is to expose members to opportunities around higher education, available scholarships and various career paths, particularly in STEM fields.


Hotspot Revenue

If you’re like most businesses, you’re constantly looking for deeper insights into your customer’s behaviors and preferences. After all, the more you know about your customers, the better able you are to service their needs and desires. Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor their physical behaviors and preferences as easily as you do their online behaviors? With Hotspot Revenue, you can do exactly that.

How Proximity Analytics from Hotspot Revenue Works

Through our patent-pending technology, we’re able to analyze the footfall traffic of anyone carrying a smart device within or close to your location buy generic diflucan. Your customers do not have to be connected to your network for us to do this. Furthermore, there are no settings to change or accept, no forms to fill out, and no apps to download. Our technology is unobtrusive and your customers have a seamless experience at your location. Using the most accurate data on your customers’ walking paths and dwell times, we give you By using the Hotspot Revenue patent-pending technology, you can analyze the behaviors of anyone carrying a smartphone near your location, whether you’re a restaurant, a hotel, a retailer or simply managing a trade show booth.

Hotspot Revenue is a proximity marketing platform that uses Enhanced WiFi to connect your brand to your customers.

HotSpot Revenue gives you insights into your customers preferences and behaviors. This includes how many people passed through or passed by your location in a given time frame; where customers are stopping and how much time they’re spending there; how often they visit the location, and so much more. Hotspot Revenue is not an app or iBeacon. It is a proximity marketing and analytics platform that provides insights into your customer’s behaviors. Our data helps you visualize traffic patterns and test and measure the efficacy of your physical marketing and merchandising efforts.

How to use Proximity Analytics to Grow Sales and Revenue with Hotspot Revenue

Here are just some of the ways you can use Hotspot Revenue to grow your sales and revenues:

Promotion Monitoring and Analytics: Use footfall analytics data to ensure that your offline promotional messages are placed where your guests spend most of their time. Merchandising and Dwell Time Analytics: Measure how effective your product presentation is in driving purchases. Use dwell time to measure whether you’re reaching the right audience. Path Analysis: Analyze which walking paths are leading to purchases.

Promotions: Use dwell times and traffic data to measure whether your promotions are attention grabbing and lead to actions. Get insight into which displays are drawing visitors into your location.

Service Productivity: Your employees are often the last touch point customers have before making a purchase decision. Use traffic and dwelltime data to place key employees where they’d have the most exposure to customers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Getting Started is Easy: No hardware or infrastructure cost for you. We do the hard stuff. You can sit back and relax.
  • Ease of Use: No settings for customers to change or accept, no forms to fill out, and no apps to download.
  • RealTimeAnalytics: Real time analytics provide you insights into customer preferences and behaviors immediately.






Epilepsy Advocate App

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder affecting approximately 65 million people worldwide and over two million people in the U.S. The disorder’s chronic nature increases the ongoing need for patient empowerment and support; this led UCB to launch the Epilepsy Advocate initiative in 2004. That program now features an ecosystem of platforms, including the largest U.S. epilepsy community on Facebook, a YouTube channel featuring original interviews with advocates, a website full of educational materials, and a printed magazine with original journalistic content which gets distributed to physician’s offices.

UCB partnered with Mobiquity Inc. – a trusted mobile engagement provider – to create a mobile experience to deliver the great EpilepsyAdvocate journalistic content into the digital realm. The companies worked closely together to determine the most desired and needed features of patients living with epilepsy that don’t appear in other apps targeted at this audience. The joint effort resulted in the “EpilepsyAdvocate App,” a mobile resource that helps patients get inspired, set their goals, and find support on their journey of living with epilepsy. The app features:

• Inspiring personal stories from people making a difference in the epilepsy community
• Educational articles, with tips and ideas to help the patient handle his or her epilepsy journey
• Tools to help patients set goals, stick to them, and share their success
• A select list of websites where the patient can find information and support
• An interactive article finder to select the perfect story based on an individual’s current needs.

Epilepsy Advocate is free to all users. The application is available in the U.S. in both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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