WellStar Epson Moverio from CN2

CN2’s WellStar Epson Moverio Application is an award winning and innovative use of Augmented Reality, which utilizes the Epson Moverio hands-free glasses, for training healthcare professionals.

CN2’s objective and strategy was to develop an application that would provide a compelling use case for the utilization of Augmented Reality in scenarios where hand-held mobile devices are impractical. CN2 developed a visual navigational protocol for hands-free applications which include our Visual Compass – a technique that guides the user’s line of site precisely back to the relevant instructional location, and our Proximity Viewer – which provides a global view of the AR content when the user stands away from the equipment and then switches to an x-ray view into the equipment when the user leans in helpful resources.

The application includes a Quick Start Guide, Instructions for the Drain Setup and a Parts Index, as well as an optional Audio Feature.




Coca-Cola Coolers Augmented Reality Sales App from CN2

CN2’s Coca-Cola Coolers Augmented Reality Sales App allows Coca-Cola Sales personnel to assist their customers in visualizing what a cooler will look like in their retail outlet, before making a buying decision.

The objective and strategy of the application is to create measurable sales uplift in equipment placement, therefore increasing the sales of Immediate Consumption of Coca-Cola products.

The application presents the customer with a catalog of Cooler equipment. Once a cooler has been selected it is viewed life-size, in 3D, through an iOS, Android or Windows mobile phone or tablet. The 3D Cooler may be superimposed directly over other equipment or other items in the physical space and application options viewing different branding options on the cooler, adding products and selecting packaging options for those products.

All data from the application is aggregated via CN2’s analytics platform. While the concept video shows this data being reported in an email format, today it may be viewed in our Analytics Dashboard in variety of different reporting formats.




OctoPlus – Accessible Math App

The inclusion of learning activities using tablet devices in the classroom environment continues to grow. Unfortunately, this corresponding increase has not correlated with a growth in accessible content for children with special needs. In fact, most children with a reported disability take fewer science and math courses than mainstream students primarily due to the unavailability of information in accessible formats. As such, we have begun developing educational App that makes math engaging to students while being accessible to children with special needs. Our first paid educational app, released late Spring, is called OctoPlus. OctoPlus is a switch-accessible gamified math app (http://zyrobotics.com/octoplusthegame). OctoPlus places the child in an underwater water world where the child has to battle turtles to score points. OctoPlus reinforces key addition math skills within an interac tive gaming environment through the inclusion of both a drill and challenge mode. Through adjustable learning settings (such as a beginner, advanced, and expert mode), students can learn and be assessed based on their own individual learning skills. OctoPlus is also switch-accessible and is designed to enhance motor skills for young children and kids with motor or cognitive delays. OctoPlus incorporates the common core math standards associated with Operations and Algebraic Thinking. Since it’s release, it has had over 3.3K downloads on Apple Store, and in it’s first month of release on Google Play, it was ranked in the top 100 of paid educational apps in over 88 countries (see attached image). OctoPlus and Zyrobotics was also highlighted as the business representing Georgia in Google’s Economic Impact Report for this year (http://www.google.com/economicimpact/reports/ga.html)




UGA Vault

The easiest way to watch your Bulldogs Football anytime you want!

UGA VAULT offers the most treasured and storied moments in Georgia Bulldog Football History. Played by legends, Called by Munson and curated by us. Now available on your iOS and Android devices.
UGA VAULT is managed by the team at National Collegiate Sports Archives (NCSA).  NCSA offers legacy content conversion and storage services to colleges across the US. In addition, NCSA also creates and curates a growing family of mobile applications tailored for individual fan bases.
NCSA’s principle projects to date are THE UGA VAULT and THE AUBURN VAULT, with THE FLORIDA VAULT coming soon.  Applications available on both iOS and Android providing hours of historic sports content spanning the lifetime of the respective programs.