VR Selfie from ATLVR

ATLvr created a program that is utilized to introduce people to virtual reality and its capabilities. The simulation is seated and occurs at first in an office. The user can examine shapes and the various features of basic virtual reality (including positional tracking). The simulation also guides users “through the wall” and into an outdoor area. One of the most common problems people have is – “How do I get my picture trying virtual reality when I can’t see myself?” We came up with a solution for that. A drone flies up in the program with a screen that is connected to an exterior camera. The user is able to pose for a VR Selfie and explore the outdoor area as well.




ZooKazam is a fun mobile app created to be educational, engaging and interactive while featuring a technological breakthrough that can promote brand enhancement. ZooKazam’s mission is to enhance our world by utilizing augmented reality technology to promote education and entertainment through a magical exploration of the animal kingdom. The ZooKazam visual and sensory experience is one that captures and maintains attention of even the most unfocused audience.
Our team is a compilation of tech nerds and visual artists that combined powers to create the most advanced augmented reality mobile platform available for mobile devices. The ZooKazam team is comprised of highly talented and internationally recognized graphic artists, virtual reality experts, accomplished photographers and writers, and committed animal enthusiasts and conservationists.
ZooKazam has taken augmented reality to the next level by using virtually realistic content, incorporating a user-friendly interface, providing high technology at an extremely low cost and developing a unique user experience.
ZooKazam is available for download from the App Store and Google Play and works on all Apple and Andriod devices. We developed a library of holographic animals coupled with educational information and maintain many in production to be released periodically. Although we will consistently contribute to standard categories such as mammals and water wildlife, we will also produce more mystical creatures such as dragons, mermaids and unicorns. The update currently in production to be released later this summer includes a plethora of awesome features that will make the app even better. We already make the augmented reality experience accessible to consumers without the need for expensive hardware, but we recently developed a method that completely eliminates the need for a physical target to use with the app.
In addition to zoos and educational facilities, we are also seeking relationships with large brands such as Coke, Geico, Aflac, etc. We help zoos, aquariums and museums drive tickets sales and enhance guest experience. We help companies and professional athletic organizations deliver experiential marketing campaigns. We help educators make learning fun and incorporate advanced technology into their lesson plans.
We imagine teachers using ZooKazam in their science, writing or art lessons. We envision students exploring animals using the app and creating projects or reports based on what they hear and see. After receiving multiple requests, we created a plan to make our app available for volume purchases by interested schools. We are also interactive on social media in a way that ensures direct access to the users and implementers of our platform.
After gaining momentum and popularity among consumers, our plan is to attract businesses and organizations that seek an interactive and unforgettable marketing campaign to serve the customer and fan experience. While we already know the edtech community considers the ZooKazam experience a mind-blowing success, we believe that companies will be quick to follow once the dreamers incorporate our technology into their marketing visions and goals.
Founded and based in Atlanta, we started our venture in the United States, but aim to reach a global market. As a new member in a growing technology empire of the Southeast, we are proud to share a city with nationally recognized higher educational facilities and award-winning zoos and museums rooted within a rapidly increasing and attractive economy for tech start ups as well as existing big businesses. Having these tools in our back yard ensures access to valuable resources and relationships. Our team members are committed and highly active members of the social scene in Atlanta and look forward to maintaining the company’s local heritage through benefits offered within this community.
ZooKazam is an early stage company currently seeking strategic investors and partnerships to help nurture our vision. As of today, the company is privately funded and bootstrapped entirely by the founders. We aim to make an investment in scaling our development team and securing our intellectual property in order to increase the pace of innovation and to round out the feature set of our product. We intend to monetize additional revenue streams, including but not limited to licensing fees of our product and augmented reality artifacts.




Eboticon – “Say more than just :-)”

Eboticon LLC is a creative design and entertainment media company formed to develop mobile applications, video games and character design/animation. Eboticon LLC is responsible for the Eboticon mobile application, offering urban and popular culture inspired animated gifs for text, e-mail and social media communications. Eboticon LLC formed in Atlanta GA in 2013 and launched the Eboticon mobile application July 2014. Since their start Eboticon has grown to 6 employees and has made several updates to their feature product, including social media sharing, a keyboard for iOS, an Eboticon marketplace and a host of new animated characters. The Eboticon creative team draws from the inspiration given by the city of Atlanta. The bustling southern city serves as an epicenter for urban and popular culture, and has no doubt contributed to the Eboticon creative perspective and overall brand.


TabAccess – A Bluetooth Switch Interface

TabAccess, bluetooth switch interface, makes it possible for anyone with motor limitations to use Apps and play games on an Android tablet or iPad without touching the screen.

Over 3 million individuals in the US have a disability in their hands and/or forearms and thus have difficulties in effecting pinch and swipe gestures needed for tablet interaction. TabAccess is a wireless controller for individuals with motor impairments designed to provide access to the world through tablet interaction. With the growing availability of smartphones and tablets in our society, individuals are becoming proverbial users that enable them to explore the expanding world of apps, games, and social networks. Unfortunately, these touch-based tools are developed assuming the user is capable of ‘touching’ a specific small region with appropriate intensity and timing. This assumption does not generally hold true when considering individuals who possess limited upper body motor control, such as observed in individuals living with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, or traumatic brain inju ry. Our wireless controller for Tablet Accessibility (TabAccess) provides an alternative interface for individuals that have difficulties affecting the common pinch and swipe gestures required for touchscreen-based interaction. It enables access to Apps that can improve an individual’s quality of life – from providing access to rehabilitation and communication Apps to faster, easier, access to Kindle and TV functions. This device, based on technology exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech, has been developed into a commercially-available product that has readily been adopted by a number of school districts, rehabilitation hospitals, and therapy clinics in the Atlanta area.

TabAccess is a Bluetooth Switch Interface. It uses patent-pending technology to provide tablet access for special needs persons with motor limitations.

  • Connectivity for multiple accessible devices such as sip/puff, button switches, grasp switches
  • Wirelessly control tablet apps and play games
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Compatible with iOS 7 Switch Control Events
  • Out-of-the box operation
  • Small size, light and compact
  • Easy mounting for powered wheelchairs, adjustable beds, etc.
  • Works with switch accessible Apps (iOS and Android)




iQagent atlanta mobile awards ammo mammoth solutions


iQagent is a ‘practical’ augmented reality mobile app that instantly displays live data, schematics and other technical resources relevant to equipment it ‘recognizes’ on the plant floor. This feature allows plant floor staff to be much more efficient, since they never have to leave the equipment during repair or service calls. iQagent uses QR codes (called Points of Interest, or POIs) to recognize the equipment or process area. When a POI is scanned, users have instant access to a wide range of resources relevant to the equipment to help them do their job: Live data about the machine tells them the equipment status and alerts them to any immediate issues. Schematics and troubleshooting charts allow for efficient repair procedures; movies visually guide the user through unfamiliar maintenance procedures; web forms allow the user to document actions or report issues.

iQagent also allows users to communicate with remote technicians about process issues that affect production. Users can record the device display, which includes live video of the process, augmented with data and information displays relevant to the equipment being recorded. Audio and on screen annotations by the user are also included. The result is a compiled screenshot or video, which can be emailed or transferred to remote technicians for quick analysis and resolution of the issue, thus saving time and money. This feature allows for very efficient communication about production issues without waiting for the remote resource to travel onsite to see the issue for themselves.



Cooleaf is a technology platform customized to reflect the employer brand with the focus of creating a more connected employee community while empowering company leaders to track engagement metrics cheap diflucan 50 mgCooleaf‘s enterprise clients have achieved higher levels of engagement in corporate programs such as training, wellness, volunteering, and professional development based on employees having easier access to be notified and sign up from a branded mobile app provided by the employer, powered by Cooleaf. Clients have experienced reductions in turnover and increased in employee satisfaction due to the success of employee engagement programs, powered by mobile technology.


Unlike traditional Enterprise Social Networks, Cooleaf’s platform is purposefully designed to forge ties between team members based on shared professional and personal interests.


Ditch the gold watches for 10 years of service.  Today’s workforce expects quick and timely recognition and rewards.  Cooleaf makes rewarding and recognizing a piece of cake.


Organizations with higher levels of engagement outperform their peers and generated 147% higher earnings per
share vs competitors.Gallup, 2013

Employee Interest Groups

Employees select from a list of professional and personal areas of interest customized to your unique organizational needs.

Reimagined Activity Feed

Employees can quickly initiate or register for upcoming events, contribute to threaded topical discussions, and issue or join challenges.

Group Events Simplified

Easily manage, track, and incentivize participation in company professional development events, wellness activities, community service outings, and more.

Activities Tied to Employee Growth

Incentivize personal & professional growth through an optional rewards program customized to your company or team needs.

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Team members can easily search and identify internal experts with relevant skills, view their endorsements, and request a meetup.



Ameriprise Financial Consumer Mobile Application

Ameriprise Financial was an also-ran in mobility within the financial services segment with a poorly performing app using the Pyxis MEAP development tool. The application had significant performance issues as well as an extremely low 1 star rating in both the iTunes and Android app stores, while other competitors had significantly better performing applications and higher consumer ratings.
In the highly competitive category of financial services, a poorly performing mobile application put Ameriprise Financial at a significant disadvantage in acquiring and retaining clients who were increasingly demanding anytime/anywhere information on and access to their accounts.
Ameriprise engaged Magenic to significantly improve their consumer mobile application and eliminate that competitive disadvantage.
Magenic developed a new and improved consumer-facing Ameriprise Financial mobile application using Objective C for the iOS platform and PhoneGap for the Android platform.
Native iOS was selected as analytics indicated the majority of Ameriprise customers were iPhone users and desired the specifics of the native iOS experience.
PhoneGap was selected by Ameriprise to address concerns they had on covering the variety of Android devices and operating systems. As the PhoneGap cross-platform development framework lagged in performance vs. native in some data-heavy operations, Magenic created necessary native plug-ins for PhoneGap application to improve response performance to approximate the native iOS experience.
Additionally, Magenic incorporated existing 3rd party software to efficiently allow the integration of specific roadmap features like Remote Check Deposit and financial market information into the application.
To optimize the user experience on mobile devices, Magenic created a new graphic design template for the Ameriprise app via a proactive design exploratory with extended Ameriprise’s brand identity into the mobile space. This new design template was so well received by the Ameriprise Marketing Group that it has since been extended by Ameriprise marketing into the overall Ameriprise brand identity.
Scope of Magenic services included: architecture, user experience design, development, quality assurance, project management and maintenance & support.
The project utilized Magenic 3-tier distributed development model (Consultants, US/Minneapolis-based Development Center and Global Development Center in Manila) to deliver best-in-class quality and a lower blended rate.




MAD-learn (Mobile Application Development) Platform

MAD-learn is a program that brings Mobile Application Development into the classroom for students to learn programming at a very young age. MAD is short for Mobile Application Development. MAD-learn is a rich, end-to-end program for teaching cross platform mobile application development. The program includes:

An Online Graphical Mobile App Development Platform
Live Educator Support
An Expert Coding Community
A Full Programming Curriculum.

MAD-learn Goals:
To inspire and nurture innovation and scientific creativity in students at an early age that can develop into entrepreneurial skills and vocational prowess in programming.

To pique a young child’s interest in programming by providing a high degree of motivation and success with easy, rapid development of mobile applications in the introductory stages of the program.

To provide readily available, dynamic, and safe entrepreneurial opportunities through an App Feature Marketplace to which expert students (MAD-Ninjas) can contribute new features. They can contribute these features to the open-source domain for further use and expansion, or provide them as a paid feature.


Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut Adventure from CN2

Georgia Aquarium Aquanaut Adventure is an Augmented Reality learning mobile application free of charge at only available at the Georgia Aquarium Read Full Article. No device needed! The Aquarium provides iPads free of charge at the Discovery Zone, you and a team of adventurers must complete 5 out of 7 challenges, varying in questions from the Science Technology Engineering and Math subject matter, to become official Georgia Aquarium Aquanauts.




XPLRR – Best of Atlanta

XPLRR is a free iPhone/Android app that was developed by Tech International, Inc. which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. XPLRR includes everything that you need to live, work and play in Atlanta; all conveniently bundled into one powerful, easy-to-use app.

Since XPLRR was launched in Atlanta on April 1, 2014, we’ve received overwhelming support from the community as evidenced by our continuous growth. Within 15 months, over 16,700 people have downloaded our free iPhone/Android app. In addition, we’ve gained 15,700+ Facebook fans, 3,600+ Twitter followers, 8,700+ Instagram follower, and 10,500+ email subscribers.

In the spirit of exploration, XPLRR is thrilled to announce the kick-off of the #AtlantaXPLRR social media campaign. In hopes of encouraging Atlantans to get up, get out and discover the best of what the city has to offer, the #AtlantaXPLRR social campaign aims to create a gallery of photos and videos that capture Atlanta’s spirit and amazing local offerings. Atlanta Explorers are invited to contribute to this city-wide digital gallery by simply exploring their city, posting their best photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and tagging their city adventures with #AtlantaXPLRR. Each week, XPLRR will highlight the best photo or video submission and will reward the lucky Atlanta Explorer with prizes such as gift cards to local restaurants, tickets to festivals, events and live music, and more.

To date, over 6,400 photos and videos have been submitted by Atlanta Explorers.

XPLRR is dedicated to giving back to the community! Since the launch of our app, we’ve developed community outreach initiatives and we’ve promoted thousands of community related events to give back to the city that we love! Our company works with a number of local charities including Pure Imagination (www.pure-imagination.org) and The Giving Kitchen (www.thegivingkitchen.org) to help generate awareness for their organizations by promoting fundraising events through our app, social media, and email pro bono. And to reflect our love and appreciation for the arts, we are happy to support local artists and musicians by promoting their events for no charge.

XPLRR Supports Local Businesses When we released the first version of XPLRR, our app featured two dozen restaurants. In June 2015, we released a new version of XPLRR which was the first major update in over a year. Our app now features over 200 local restaurants and we’ve added more content to our app including new sections for: Entertainment – Top Golf, Atlanta Improv, Medieval Times, The Painted Pin, etc. Nightlife – Tongue & Groove, Havana Club, Gold Room, Opera Nightclub, etc. Attractions – World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, etc.

XPLRR Rewards Program The latest version of XPLRR also features a “Rewards Program” which provides an incentive to dine at participating restaurants. Points are earned by checking in through the XPLRR app and additional points can be earned by sharing the check-in via Facebook and/or Twitter. Points can then be redeemed for various prizes including complimentary appetizers, discounts, free meals, gift cards, etc. The Rewards Program can be custom tailored for each restaurant by setting up denominations of points and rewards and the XPLRR app keeps track of points earned, points redeemed, and the points balance for each Atlanta Explorer. Every month, we provide our clients with a report which details how many points have been earned by Atlanta Explorers, how many points have been redeemed, and the prizes that have been issued during that period. Check-ins are verified by geo-location or by a four-digit PIN that is entered by a manager/server.

XPLRR Loves Atlanta Although the XPLRR app is utilized as a leading resource by tourists who are visiting the Atlanta area, our app was created for locals. While there are other apps on the market that provide information about Atlanta, XPLRR is the only app that provides exclusive content and combines information from a number of trusted sources in order to be a comprehensive mobile guide to exploring Atlanta and discovering the best that this city has to offer! We welcome feedback from Atlanta Explorers and local businesses on how we can improve the XPLRR app and we incorporate many suggestions in future releases.


For a detailed list of features for the XPLRR app visit: http://bit.ly/1Eejm6i

A detailed breakdown of our reach can be viewed at: http://bit.ly/1OVJo41

View the #AtlantaXPLRR Gallery at: http://bit.ly/XPLRRATL

View the level of engagement for winning photos/videos at: http://bit.ly/XPLRRoftheWeek

To learn more about the XPLRR Rewards Program and how it helps local businesses while rewarding Atlanta Explorers visit: http://bit.ly/1W6vgu8

To learn more about the XPLRR Gives Back program visit: http://xplrr.com/wordpress/uncategorized/xplrr-supports-charities/