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The Wimp app delivers our highly curated set of family-friendly videos to users every day. We scour the web each day for the best videos across multiple categories while keeping it appropriate for all ages.



Fête, a way to reimagine the digital invitation card as a richer medium for collaborative communication. Our ‘smart invitation cards’ offer a one-stop experience for groups of friends to organize social events and outings.

Of the 10 billion digital invites sent each year, less than 30% get answered. Fête solves this problem with our smart cards, which deliver response rates of over 80%, 2x that of existing services. Our cards are 1) multi-modal to allow responses over the app, text message, and soon through email and calendar; 2) data driven to intelligently follow up with guests; 3) stylish, fun, and easy to create; and 4) collaborative so guests can suggest and vote on event details.

Currently, there’s a large gap between the desire to do something with a group of friends and actually doing it. First you have to figure out what to do and where to go, then coordinate plans over a massive amount of texts and emails, and finally, book the event (either buying tickets or making a reservation). The burden through this whole process is on you (the default group planner) to track responses, keep conversations focused, and follow up with people. This process is a pain in the neck. Things are forgotten, friendships weaken, and ultimately businesses lose the potential revenue of an event that never happens.

Fête closes this gap between desire and doing by facilitating the aforementioned steps through a single unified interface. Using this app you can propose an experience, chat and collaborate with your friends to get their input, compare calendars, confirm, and reserve your plan. Easy as that.




Amica Mutual Insurance App

Amica Mutual Insurance had developed a basic mobile application, however, it was one that was lagging their competition in key features.
Additionally, Amica had gone through two mobile partnerships with a high degree of dissatisfaction in their performance and a lack of trust in their relationship.
Amica engaged Magenic to significantly improve their consumer mobile application and hopefully find a mobility partner they could trust to help develop and execute a competitive mobility roadmap.
Magenic developed a new and improved consumer-facing Amica Mutual Insurance mobile native application for both the iOS and Android platforms. Native development was selected based upon performance needs, user experience demands and an analysis of competitive apps
Magenic created a new, brand appropriate user experience specifically designed for the mobile space.
Magenic developed new consumer-friendly features for the app, including: Mobile bill pay, integration with TeaLeaf security features, ability to file and view claims, emergency Roadside Assistance, scheduled maintenance reminders, the ability to record your home inventory, view your auto insurance id card or request a paper copy by mail, the ability to watch videos to learn about coverage options and home/car maintenance and storm safety tips to help prepare for the unexpected.
Magenic also developed a two year mobile roadmap for future feature enhancements as well as a quarterly release program to implement that roadmap.
Scope of Magenic services included: architecture, user experience design, development, quality assurance, project management and maintenance & support.
The project utilized Magenic 3-tier distributed development model (Consultants, US/Minneapolis-based Development Center and Global Development Center in Manila) to deliver best-in-class quality and a lower blended rate.

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Pickle Panic

No fridge can hold Bill Pickle! Help our hero use his magic grappling hook to save his friends and escape being eaten. But watch out — this refrigerator is full of cruel dangers.

Pickle Panic is a chilling action-puzzler game that pits players against terrifying obstacles AND gravity, as they help Bill swing, leap, and swoop to freedom. While Bill speeds through treacherous fridgescapes, he must rescue as many little gherkins as possible and teleport to safety. With a game mechanic that is easily learned but difficult to master, the puzzles encourage planning, timing, and more than a little risk-taking.

But what else makes Pickle Panic great? Well, check out this list of bullet points:

• Thrilling for all ages
• Easy to learn
• Always challenging
• 72 levels
• Cool, new “grappling hook” game mechanic
• Refrigerated
• Free

The refrigerator is no place for pickles! So gear up and get swinging. We’ve got some gherkins to save.

No actual pickles were harmed in the making of this game.*

(* Except for those who gave their lives for … um, research.)



SPLT (splittingfares.com)

SPLT (a Techstars 2015 Mobility company) is a social ridesharing app designed to reinvent the commute. The SPLT service uses the latest innovations in geo-location and social media integration to offer an industry first approach to mobility. SPLT is the most advanced carpooling technology for individuals and enterprises, it enables commuters with common travel plans to meet someone new, save money and help reduce tra­ffic congestion and CO2 emissions. Each day in the United States 128 million people commute to work 75% of them alone. For most of these 96 million people, commuting is a necessary evil that is frustrating, expensive, stressful and time consuming. Ine­fficient transportation results in losses in productivity, tra­ffic congestion and increased CO2 emissions. SPLT effectively alleviates the burden and demand on a transportation system by filling empty seats in vehicles.

The SPLT platform is a mobile app with an admin dashboard. The app functions as a 21st century carpool service by allowing co-workers with common travel plans to find each other and share a commute. SPLT users not only get to choose who they share a ride with but also have unprecedented control over their entire shared commuting experience. SPLT integrates with enterprise clients creating a private company network within the app that links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. SPLT then lets users connect within their company or network. Advanced features will allow users to share rides with people outside the company. Payment for the trip occurs seamlessly through the app from one commuter to the other, eliminating that awkward payment conversation.

The initial rollout strategy capitalizes on current enterprise relationships. SPLT will launch in Detroit in early September and scale with corporate clients (+500 employees). After a successful launch in Detroit, SPLT will quickly expand to Atlanta and other cities around the U.S. Strategic partnerships will serve an important role in the SPLT sales and adoption effort through integrations and access to new users. SPLT will use gamification (to include virtual and “real” rewards) to increase employee engagement and retention.




Floorvana by Shaw Floors

The world around us drives trends and styles. With Shaw’s Floorvana color matching app, you can now capture and connect your inspiration with the perfect flooring for all of your rooms through patent-pending color matching technology.
1. Take a photo of your room or choose an inspirational photo.
2. Upload the photo to the Floorvana color-matching app.
3. Select anywhere on the photo to gather color schemes and create your perfect color palette.
4. Choose your floor type (hardwood, carpet, tile, resilient, etc.).
5. Browse through matching floor options via the color app.Save your favorite floors and colors.
6. Use the app to find a local flooring dealer near you.

The objective of the Floorvana app is to allow consumers to capture their inspiration anywhere and transform it to their floors. Per consumer research, three-quarters of shoppers would rather use their smartphones than consult store associates for simple tasks, and almost half of smartphone owners have downloaded retailer apps. With this in mind, Shaw’s intent was to provide an easy-to-use app that connects the consumer’s inspiration to Shaw flooring in a revolutionary way.

Sagepath was approached by Shaw Floors to provide the UX & design for Floorvana after several attempts to obtain the best look and feel in-house. The team at Sagepath were able to provide a handful of new UX options to Shaw, the favorite all became Floorvana.
Sagepath worked very closely alongside the Shaw Floors development team to create a seamless and intuitive experience for the user. Developed using a video gaming platform, Corona SDK, there were very few limitations to what this app could ultimately do.
The Floorvana app released for iOS & Android late 2014 cheap diflucan generic. Once released, Shaw asked for us to create a video to go along with the campaign:

Shorty after the video release, Shaw asked that we create a version of the video for the App Store & Play Store as well as to provide a 30-second version to be used in Shaw’s 2015-16 media buy. You can currently find the Floorvana App commercials playing on HGTV & The DIY Network.



GeoGuessr from Intercontinental Hotels

IHG ® Geoguessr

How can you guess where you are, if you’ve never been? Easily. The IHG ® Geoguessr mobile game bridges the unknown with curiosity for an addictive and entertaining game.

IHG paired with Geoguessr to create a whimsical travel-discovery game, based on the original Geoguessr game.

In the Geoguessr game, a user is dropped onto a random location in Google Street view and they are given a map of the world to guess where they are. In the IHG version of the game, the locations are 100 selected IHG hotel locations across the world.

In the mobile world, we know that mobile devices are great for two things: saving time and wasting time. The IHG mobile app saves consumers great amounts of time by speeding their booking and reservation management process up. The IHG Geoguessr game allows users to have fun wasting time during the down times of travel. In the game, users have the flexibility of traveling to a new and exotic location, without ever leaving their phone!

As a bonus, once a user has guessed the location of the hotel, the actual location and name of the hotel is shown.

A fully responsive website was created for IHG Geoguessr. This site was linked to in the mobile app and posted in a social media campaign. A weekly high score list feature was added to increase engagement. Users were given an option to enter their name in the high score list. An important note is that there were no offers of Reward Club points or any tangible user benefits to being on the high score list. Regardless, the high score list is always full of names and users report trying to make the high score list.




MobilityATL from CN2

Explore Atlanta’s global mobility hub through augmented reality. With this app you can take a virtual tour of Atlanta’s hottest mobility companies, browse company descriptions and view videos that tell Atlanta’s rising mobility story. Find out who’s calling Atlanta home and how you can join the global mobility hub.




Regulatory Affairs Mobile Application (US & Global Industries)

The development of a regulatory affairs mobile application that offers healthcare professionals and patients critical information regarding regulation of clinical trials, safety issues, marketing approval applications, post-marketing activities and more, to help bridge the knowledge gap between patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, regulatory information for patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmaceutical companies disseminated via a mobile application, instead of through email and regulatory affairs websites provides quick and easy access to key information. Additionally, adding a global aspect to the mobile application allows users to keep abreast of markets abroad.



Ichor Athletics and Ichor Health

Ichor is a system built with the power to impact lives on a direct and daily basis. After working in healthcare and athletics, our team recognized a need in both industries for a multi-patient system that can wirelessly monitor vital signs and other health/wellness metrics. These intelligent insights then allow care-providers to better and more safely structure care whether that be in an assisted living facility, in the realm of Division I athletics, or even for taking care of aging loved ones.
At Ichor we utilize wearables technology along with our proprietary, multi-patient monitoring system to analyze and report on the health and fitness characteristics of both individuals and groups of individuals. Our solution has the accuracy needed for healthcare, the ease of use needed for at-home monitoring, and the durability needed in athletics.
Our platform is built upon on the adoption and daily use of mobile technology. For our athletic systems, the wearables communicate with a mobile application and then interface with our cloud computing software. The interface enables coaches to gain insights into their player’s routines and enables them to better structure practice around that data. Specifically, our hardware and software combination allows trainers and coaches to carefully monitor the exertion and condition of their athletes both during and outside of practice enabling them to achieve and maintain peak performance and prevent overuse injuries. Coaches can even opt for our class checking feature. This is a unique add on to our mobility platform which allows their student athletes to check into class using the location based services on their smartphones. This gives coaches the power to make intelligent decisions based on academic and athletic data.
In Healthcare, we recognize the need for safe, secure, and instantaneous feedback. For this industry our wearables interface directly with a secure server and provide nurses and other care givers with minute to minute updates on their patient’s vitals, whereabouts (both inside and outside a facility using a combination of Wi-Fi, geo-fencing, and GPS/SIM technology), general activity, sleep habits, and even provide fall detection. It is our hope that the adoption of this system will be yet another victory in the constant struggle to bring safety and transparency to these industries.
For our rollout early this fall we are partnering with institutions in both healthcare and athletics to deliver our multi-patient monitoring system. We are beginning with a select few universities and healthcare institutions in order to better grasp the capabilities and opportunities that our mobile platform provides.
We utilize a SAAS business model with institutions paying a software license fee on a per user, per month basis along with a cost to rent devices. We provide the option of monthly or yearly contracts – prices fluctuate in accordance with the length of the contract, type of service needed, and type of wearable involved.

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