My Choice – UPS Mobile App

The UPS Mobile App was developed for mobile customers on the go. Users can track packages, ship packages, get quotes, find locations, and provide feedback to UPS all on their smartphone!

The newest feature on the app is called My Choice – this allows consumers to get advanced alerts via email, SMS or push notifications giving more delivery options on the go. Notifications are customizable so users can choose which actions they want to be alerted for.

Not home when a package is scheduled to deliver? With My Choice users can sign electronically, specify alternate locations for drop-off, re-route delivery, or hold package until a later time. My Choice utilizes a Delivery Planner with established delivery time windows.

My Choice gives customers more control over their shipments and keeps them informed at every point of action!


iOS & Android





Rately by Digital Scientists

Rately is the first ever browser created especially for shoppers. Digital Scientists, a digital innovation firm in Atlanta, Georgia, creates digital apps and services for Fortune 500 clients. Rately is an in-house app that uses state-of-the-art technology to streamline mobile shopping and promote small retailers via social media. Digital Scientists is rolling out a free loyalty program to promote local shopping in the City of Alpharetta – this will soon be available nationally.

Rately allows users to shop faster than with a web browser. Shoppers can move from store to store by tapping logos – making navigation faster and easier. Shopping history is privately tracked, and stores, products, prices, and descriptions are saved for convenience.  Items can be tagged and organized into categories to make visual shopping lists easier to sort through.

This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad; download the app to save yourself the time and hassle of shopping on your standard web browser.




Mobile Labs deviceConnect

As enterprise IT grapples with creating and testing mobile applications across a growing number of mobile platforms, it is also challenged to manage and provide access to its inventory of mobile devices. Mobile Labs deviceConnect™, a private, internal device cloud, provides secure, comprehensive management of mobile devices, users and apps from one central console. In addition, deviceConnect allows 24×7 remote access to testing assets from any geographic location. With support for automated and manual mobile testing, deviceConnect provides a secure testing environment at a fraction of the cost of most public cloud offerings.

Mobile Labs DeviceConnect Atlanta Mobile Awards 2014 Mammoth Ideas AMMO

Juice Plus+ by Edelman

Juice Plus+, a billion dollar direct sales company that relies heavily on face-to-face interactions to engage customers, needed a more efficient way to assist their sales force.

The Juice Plus+ Corporate Marketing team tasked Edelman to improve their internal communications platform by advancing ease of use for their representatives. Following the successful redesign and launch of in 2013, Edelman was tapped once more to lend their expertise to the design and functionality of the mobile experience for the Juice Plus+ franchisee dashboard and support site,

Read the full application from Edelman here.


Yik Yak

Yik Yak acts like a local bulletin board for your area by showing the most recent posts from other users around you. It allows anyone to connect and share information with others without having to know them.


iOS & Android

News, funny experiences, shout outs, and jokes spread faster than ever through Yik Yak’s tight-knit community.

Create quality content and receive upvotes from other members of your community. Be engaged in your community and help decide what’s the best through upvotes and downvotes.

Spread the word to grow the herd.

IHG mobile app

Even Hotels has created the IHG mobile app for booking, managing and enhancing your stay with IHG properties.

DOWNLOAD the IHG app for iOS:

With nearly 2.5 million people having downloaded the IHG app, the large reach has helped garner the attention of the Even Hotels features, from existing app users. By focusing on connecting the users to the hotel by providing healthy lifestyle features easily accessible from their smartphones, the EVEN Hotels brand has created a large following on the mobile app. The features have been used at a far greater rate than other standard features on hotel detail pages. So now, the impossibility of maintaining a routine on the road is a thing of the past- with the help of Even Hotels and the IHG app.