IHG mobile app

Even Hotels has created the IHG mobile app for booking, managing and enhancing your stay with IHG properties.

DOWNLOAD the IHG app for iOS:

With nearly 2.5 million people having downloaded the IHG app, the large reach has helped garner the attention of the Even Hotels features, from existing app users. By focusing on connecting the users to the hotel by providing healthy lifestyle features easily accessible from their smartphones, the EVEN Hotels brand has created a large following on the mobile app. The features have been used at a far greater rate than other standard features on hotel detail pages. So now, the impossibility of maintaining a routine on the road is a thing of the past- with the help of Even Hotels and the IHG app.

Eboticon: For The Moments When :-) Just Won’t Do

Within three weeks of the launch date Eboticon became the #1 Social Networking App in iTunes.  So far Eboticon has generated several hundred thousand shares on social media platforms with an audience exceeding 1 million.  Eboticon has App Downloads in 30 countries and has gained the attention of celebrities including R&B Singer Tamar Braxton, Gospel Artists Tye Tribbett, Donald Lawrence, VaShawn Mitchell and TV One’s R&B Diva Syleena Johnson, who all shared Eboticons on their respective social media pages.

<a href="https://itunes diflucan tablets buy online.apple.com/us/app/eboticon/id899011953?” target=”_blank”>DOWNLOAD the Eboticon app for iOS

KidsLink mobile app Atlanta Mobile Awards 2014 AMMO Mammoth Ideas


KidsLink’s mobile app soft-launched in Summer 2014 with plans for an official launch in September 2014. KidsLink treats its user acquisition, usage, engagement, and virality data as confidential. However, we believe KidsLink’s success in attaining sponsored partnerships with several major healthcare systems, on the basis of the pre-launch and soft-launch product is a great indication of what’s to come.  Abundant metrics regarding acquisition, usage, engagement, and virality are granularly tracked and reported upon using soft-launch data.

DOWNLOAD the KidsLink app for iOS:  (use exclusive AMMO invitation code KLAMA2014 – valid until the end of Awards)

mLevel Atlanta Mobile Awards 2014 Mammoth Ideas AMMO


There are only a handful of companies today that are deploying Casual Learning solutions to enterprise organizations. mLevel separates itself through 3 core areas: Missions, the Studio and the Analytic Suite.

For mLevel Missions, our SaaS platform deploys training content via desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Our application can be downloaded from a public or private company controlled app store. Each mission can be on any give topic. Within each mission, there are:

– Pre-built training games
– Interactive flash cards
– Video
– Group based Leaderboards
– Study lists

The mLevel Studio component is our administrative tool. This is where companies can create training missions on any topic, add videos, push to specific user groups and add rich images to support company branding or training needs. All of this is done from an intuitive Web based interface. Trainers can create missions on the topic of their choice, add locks and levels and dynamically create questions (part of our secret sauce) that will act as the training material.

While all of the above is important, it seems nothing can be given a true value without measurement. The Analytic Suite tracks everything from the amount of times a user has played a mission to what they got right or wrong, all with the ability to be exported into an LMS. On average, an employee plays the games in excess of twelve times. Motivated by wanting to be the best or by incentive. From this repetitious playing, they become masters of the content, and by mastering the content; they increase the value and benefits for their company.

While our product was first released only 18 months ago, we are already working with 11 out of the Fortune 100, have reached over 100,000 users and have been deployed on 3 continents in 4 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

To date, we know of no other SaaS platform quite like mLevel from a usability, performance and achievement perspective. We’re changing the way companies look at training, while bettering the employees in the process.

ZooKazam ZooAtlanta Atlanta Mobile Marketing Organziation Mammoth Ideas

ZooKazam Zoo Atlanta

ZooKazam’s ZooAtlanta app is an iOS-based app created for Zoo Atlanta to bring a new edge to the zoo experience through the use of Augmented-Reality (AR) technology and a partnership with a local business.  The ZooKazam ZooAtlanta mobile app has developed an educational and exciting way for the Zoo to engage with their visitors and the community around them.

Our app was designed to encourage Zoo visitors to download the app by attending Zoo events as well as a way to promote Zoo Atlanta thru sharing of the app across social media.

ZooKazam created thousands of downloads and a whole new WOW factor at the zoo for Atlanta.

DOWNLOAD ZooKazam’s ZooAtlanta app for iOS
Select an animal.

Scan the Zoo Atlanta logo with the app:

ZooKazam ZooAtlanta Atlanta Mobile Marketing Organziation Mammoth Ideas


Now you have a virtual animal which you and your friends and family can pose with as you create pictures with one of the animals from ZooKazam’s augmented animal library  – the largest augmented animal library in the world.