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Coca-Cola Freestyle App

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from Coca-Cola & Bottle Rocket

n 2009, the Coca-Cola Company revolutionized the beverage industry with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle®, a touchscreen fountain machine featuring over 100 different brands. The Coca-Cola Freestyle mobile app was introduced to increase engagement at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, showcase the variety products featured at every machine, and allows consumers to find a location near them.

The strategic objective of the Coca-Cola Freestyle app experience was to allow consumers to personalize their experience by saving their favorite brands and creating custom drink mixes. The challenge involved with this was streamlining the selection process from over 100+ brands featured on dispensers as well as establishing mobile connectivity to Coca-Cola Freestyle machines globally. Success is measured by the number of drinks poured by authenticated users, monthly growth of active users, and response to pushes and pours containing limited mixes.

The newly updated app allows users to explore the 100+ drink choices, create and share custom mixes by combining the drinks, and pour their creations by connecting their phones directly to a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Users also receive exclusive mixes via the US based #MyMixMonday program, which are curated by the team of mixologists responsible for numerous movie, celebrity, and video-game inspired recipes.

The media strategy to drive app awareness and download involves a programmatic, precision approach to reach consumers within the intended target. Our agency council (creative, media, app, analytics, and social) work together on IMC development, app feature enhancements, and social amplification to deliver the best consumer experience. An example of the integrated effort is the #MyMixMonday program, which delivers curated drink mixes to consumers to discover and pour. In December 2015 we released four Star Wars mixes in the app and promoted the mixes with paid and social media, resulting in thousands of Star Wars pours in the US market.

In short, the Coca-Cola Freestyle apps were created native to each platform (iOS and Android) to ensure the best possible experience that leverages the capabilities of the user’s device. Using the iOS and Android app, users can connect to Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, pour custom mixes they’ve created, and gives them access to special deals. This opens multiple new channels of direct interaction between retailers and consumers.