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Visit Orlando Destination App

Mobile App

from CN2

The Visit Orlando Destination Application is the quintessential Augmented Reality Enhanced Destination App. Designed for Visitors to the Orlando area, the app includes IBM’s Watson and a full Salesforce integration of the 1500+ Visit Orlando Member Properties. Venue types include Theme Parks, Attractions, Hotels, Dining, Nightlife, Outdoors & Recreation, Weddings and Event Planning, Spas and the Arts.

Augmented Reality features within the application include “Around Me” , allowing Users to select their desired proximity, hold their mobile device up and view geospatial tags identifying Visit Orlando Member Properties in their proximity. These geo-spatial tags may be tapped, to view venue details, regarding each Visit Orlando Member Property. A compass is also included in the top corner of the UI, indicating all venues that featured within the selected proximity range, and the User’s current field of view.

The Visit Orlando App also includes the Magic Orb Augmented Reality Game. Launch the game, look through the device camera at the world around you and view Magic Orbs hovering and then darting away. Some Magic Orbs feature the Visit Orlando logo, while others feature Member Property logos. Point your Magic Orb catcher at the Orb to draw it into your device and capture it. Once captured all Orbs reveal a letter, allowing you to spell O-R-L-A-N-D-O and receive an entry into the Visit Orlando Sweepstakes! Member Orbs also reveal a special “Deal” that may be saved into your Favorites and used at your convenience.

Additionally, the Visit Orlando Destination App includes an Augmented Reality Photo Cube. Four themed frames including, Welcome to Orlando, Make a Splash, Theme Park Fun and Dining Out, allow visitors to take photos in a 3D Frame, attach the photos to their AR Photo cube and share on social media for additional entries into the sweepstakes!

The Visit Orlando Destination Application was designed to increase Visitor engagement, attendance and revenue for Visit Orlando Member companies through an easy to use and entertaining, state of the art mobile application.